Fireworks are coming back!


Beginning the last weekend of May 2016 through Labor Day weekend!!

Every Wednesday and Saturday evening throughout the summer you can enjoy the sun setting over Chicago with its unforgettable and dramatic night skyline followed by a great show of fireworks near Chicago’s Navy Pier, all while sailing on a traditional Tall Ship! On our boat cruise you’ll have the best seat in the house to watch the fireworks, just off the coast of Chicago.

On Wednesdays we cast off at 9:15 pm for the 9:30 show, but you should be there at 8:45. Your fireworks boat tour will last about 1.5 hours, while watching brilliantly lit skyline, and enjoying a peaceful sail. During all of our excursions, you can help us with some of the sailing duties, like hoisting the sails or steering the boat with our large wooden ships wheel. After the fireworks display, we return to the dock about 10:15pm.

On Saturdays we cast off at 9:15PM for the 10:15 show. This sailing adventure offers you some sailing time to enjoy prior to the fireworks display provided by Navy Pier. We arrive back at the dock at Navy Pier at about 10:45pm.

Click HERE to book tickets!


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